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Hello all, just a brief introduction. My Name is Jessica. About 4 months ago i met a great guy, it was instant connection! He is a Cpl. in the United States Marine Crop. Me met on an online site. He is stationed in 29Palms California. I live in Texas, so from day one we knew about the distance. but that didn't stop us, about a month into our friendship and getting to know each other he asked me to give us a try and be his girlfriend. Knowing he is an active marine and the distance between us, i didn't hesitate for one second i said YES. I have been to visit him and its just amazing!!! he is set to deploy in April to Afghanistan for 14 months. I just wanted to join this group in search for support and knowledge. I support him 110 % all the way with his Marine Life. but i know it gets difficult at times with the distance and not being able to hear from him at days,weeks and even months at a time. Hope to make new friends on here to help me/us get thru it and make it till the end! Thank you to all in advance! God Bless all!!!!!

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it tough but im glad you've joined us its hard while they are away. my husband and i were together 5 months before he left for boot camp after boot camp we got engaged which was last july then we got married in dec lol. we are at cherry point in NC. we love it and i love life on base. i wish you the best of luck. if you have any questions or wanna talk just message me.