I grow weary of reality, so sick of the stresses of my life that I'm worn out by the waking hours of the day, but I don't sleep to rest, I sleep to dream. I dream of another place far from this world, a place devoid of all this stress, a place where I can breathe freely and believe that this life is worth living. There is no better escape from my poor overworked body, than to the world of dreams, for there is no other way that I can get there without leaving my body behind to rest. Being free in this world comes at a price, but never do I have to pay to be unbound in the world I create in my mind, not a single thing in my dreamland is out of place and even my nightmares are easier to deal with than the constant day to day toil. Dawn until up to midnight are the hours of intense struggle as I push myself to take care of the things that need doing and only after then can I drift off and be as carefree as a summer's breeze. Escape is so simple but I am pulled into wakefulness once my few hours of being gone are up. With the sound of the alarm-clock and the sun peeking out from behind my curtain, I haul myself back into my exhausted body to complete the tasks I never had an interest in.
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I feel the same way.. I hate waking up from a good dream.