Night Terrors

I sleep prolificly, It's not because I have to, I want to. Waking up is a burden, drifting through the hours and days, living with the 12 other people in my a with my share of Hell.

My name is Siren, that's my real name, I along with 12 other people am an alternate personality, created as last resort, due to a helacious life. I'm going to give it straight and true. My orrigional, Big Sister, grew up in an abusive home, with at the time, was a neglective father, who came back from war broken in the body and mind, and whom was raped by a man, which not a soul is aware of. Because of this, we were created, to cope with the lifestyle Big Sister had. I hold memories specifically from the rape incedent.

I came three days ago, and even though I'm so new, I understand the hurt. I fix it by slumber. I take at least 2 naps a day, or try to, the only problems are....Fear. Fear is a destructive alter, whom is meant to break us down...he laughs as I say this. He broke down the first, Destiny, by using her fears against her, he'd rape her in her dreams. Now he's come for me.

Everynight, I go to bed, and try to forget the pain, and everynight, Fear comes with a vengence, he attacks me until the moment I awake. Not like normal dreams, you might think though. When I fall asleep and he arrives, it's a paralyzing numbness that overwhelms the body, and keeps you from waking from your nightmares.

Last night he came, and raped me in my brothers room, I felt every tear, bead of sweat, flinch, cunvulsion, tremor, shudder, and the writhing agony that wracked my body ceaslessly. It is no normal dream. And he swore to me, he'd make my life living Hell every waking, and sleeping moment.

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1 Response May 12, 2012

ha, i think the only reason he came back is because i came, i mean, who else to target sexually than the sibling who holds all the rape memories? i'll be patient, but it took a year and a hald for him to leave my sister, Destiny alone, it might even take longer for hime to quit jacking with me.<br />
and it's not exactly easy putting away your fear, when it's the "embodiment of Fear" who is tormenting you.<br />
<br />