Under X-girlfriend

My x was on way home from going out of town and her plane came in at 6 so I flight if I was set under her matress by then I could stay under her witch I love to do. I sill had a key to he appt. so I parked on the other side and walked to hers I got their around 5 ish do I started to try her lingerie on. All she wore was lace panties and push up bras. I was in a pink thong and bra when I here her door open I was like **** and got into place quick but it was only her roommate. She just wend downstairs so I had to be quiet. So I got into place and I heard Maddie come in to her room and she sat down on her bed right on my feet. I couldn't move them or anything. I was thinking to myself she might. Ru h me sence I'm only 5,1 and 120 pounds and she's 6 and like 170-180. I was starting to think this was a bad idea and then I herd her on the phone with a guy inviting her ove and I knew what that ment. About 10 min later I hear his voice and they get into the bed and start doing it right on top of wear I am. Ithe guy leaves and Maddie goes to take a shower and I get some relief now I rilly am thinking bad idea. When I hear her come back in get dressed turn on the tv and get into bed on top of me. She fell ashleep and I tried to move but couldn't. I was their all night. When she woke up she got dressed and left for work. About an hour later I get ready to leave when her room mate comes home so I dive under the futon. And guess what she's on her lunch for an hour so she sits on it crushing me to death. Her roommate is a 300 pound fat *** and it burn bing sat on by her. She left and I left swarming to never do that again but the next weekend I did it again
redneckthongboy redneckthongboy
18-21, T
May 23, 2012