Under A Couple For The Night

I had been looking for a couple on local sights for quite some time when I received a response to an ad I placed. It simply said, would you like to meet us first? We met at a local bar and had some drinks. They were married and in their lat 30's or early 40's and explained that they were interested in my ad because it was different and it really was exciting to them. I was not sure if they were telling the truth or not but I agreed to get them a room that weekend if they were serious. When the weekend came I had kinda decided to back out because it was a little scary to think they wanted to spend the night. I had done this before but never all night. I was at work Friday afternoon when my cell rang. I answered and it was Dave and Kathy. They both wanted to know if we were still on. My heart leaped out of my chest and I said yes. That night I got a room and placed an air mattress under the top mattress of the bed. I asked for them to text me when they were finished dancing. I had fallen asleep on the couch when the following text came in.
" We are on our way, it is too late to back out now!. Be there in 15 min."
I removed all my clothes and slipped under the top mattress. They made love for what seemed like an hour and fell asleep trapping me under them. Dave was about 6'2 and and 225, Kathy was 5'10 and about 150. They made sure to center their weight on top of me to ensure I could not get out.
I would love to find them and do it again.
peewee42 peewee42
46-50, M
Jan 19, 2013