See Things.

my dreams are changing as i change. its no longer strange men i dont know that are breaking in, its objects i see or... something more. i think i took it too far with the pills some time ago. i was driving to my brothers and i was wearing a hat and i could have sworn a small white light the size of a pebble danced under the visor of my hat. it was shocking and beautiful but it went away. i see weird things, sometimgs shapes that scare me, the lights dance with me, but sometimes i feel like the lights are frantic and trying to get me up to run away from on coming danger but i dont more. i sit and let the dark shapes come. the weirdest dream i had was when i was laying on my couch with my computer left on. the computer was on idle and the cute nick name i have twirls in a black background. slowly the words changed and then said something else but i couldnt read it. then the whole screen went white, but the whole house was pitch black with the dark night, then i saw this small black shadow speck dance on the screen. i felt it looking at me, but i stopped caring if i was in danger. im exhausted, and feel the night terrors will come soon. i starting to have trouble keeping my eyes open.
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Aw, no that doesnt sound very fun.... :(<br />
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