I Used To!

Ever since i was young! my mother used to say, "i would get up, go downstairs, sit with my parents, watch a bit of tv then go back upstairs and climb back into bed" as if nothing had happened! lol

When i first got married! i walked twice in my sleep,. My hubby said i made him jump as i even answered him as i went down the stairs, twice and twice i opened the front door and twice the cold air woke me up! lol

I haven't "slept, walked now for about 20 some odd years"!! lol But there i have a habit of falling out of bed! which is rather strange as we have a king size bed and we, my hubby and i are not that big and i am usually snuggled down right in the middle wrapped in the duvet! lol
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1 Response Jun 17, 2011

Yes! my baby, me to! :( My children used to sleep walk also! The doctor said it maybe a "hereditary thing" . Oh! yeah!!! to royal, it is like a sort of trance state, because i knew! yes! but then as you said!! "you deny it" yes! you do! lol :D <br />
Awww! lol yes that is all i have been doing of late! lmao! And we have a "king size bed" of all things! LOL <br />
Ha!ha!ha! i just put my "cold feet on him" lollol "he tries snuggling to me" omg! if he does, now i just can't get comfortable! lol :D <br />
Thank you my young friend for your, feedback! :D