I'm Dangerous to Sleep Around

I used to sleep walk so much in middle school and high school that my parents took me to talk to a psychiatrist so that I wouldn't be "embarrassed" when I went to college and actually had a roommate. Well, turns out that solved absolutely nothing because all four years I slept walked! Woke up my roommates hovering over their beds whispering "...did you hear that..." Jumped off the top bed crashing down on the floor laughing then going back to sleep. OH and can't forget wandering into my roommates bedroom in just a t-shirt and underwear while she'd blockading the door preventing me from getting in because her BOYFRIEND is in there then getting MAD that she wouldn't let me in. I have absolutely no memory of this. AT ALL. But I can believe it happened. I guess you would think that I would be embarrassed but...lol...it's such a part of me, that I just make disclaimers to anyone who decides to have a sleepover!

BUT I do know what causes me to go crazy at night it's mostly when I worry and think too much, and when I worry and think too much when I'm drunk.

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1 Response Apr 7, 2008

I do weird things too! My friend chelsea hates sleeping over with me because i scream and laugh and stand over her at night....