My Sleep Walking Events And What I Do During Them

My Sleep Walking Events and What I do During Them:

I am a 23 year old female and I sleepwalk quite regularly, at least once every two weeks or so. When it kicks in, I wake up in my bed, still dreaming, and I see that something is wrong with my room. The wrongness scattered about my room could be anything from bugs, blood splatters, oddly colored ooze, fire, people (living/dead), or various monsters. My room, of course is in perfect detail, and I can see everything clearly, even though the lights are still off (seeing it all from my memory). Interestingly enough, while I am not super coherent during these episodes, I can still carry out a simple conversation, move around, and I will even remember a little bit of it the next day (only about 50% or so).

The events listed below are times that I have slept-walked and had occurrences that are interesting enough for me to remember.

1. Bugs (Common)
a. I randomly dream that a few species of bugs are invading my room. These bugs tend to be aggressive spiders (large ones) or demonic centipedes. It starts when I open my eyes and realize that they are within inches of my face. The horror of having nasties that close TO MY FACE usually jolts me out of bed and sends me flying into the center of my room. After I stand and make undignified sounds for a few moments, I decide that something must be done. I will usually try to kill the bugs in some way or turn on the lights in an attempt to scare them (everyone knows that dream spiders fear the lights). On average, the lights will wake me up and I will flop back into bed. If the lights do not wake me up however, I will then gather my bedding, go downstairs, and shove it all into the clothes washer in an attempted to boil/soap them to death. I usually wake up a few minutes after turning it on.

b. A few days ago I was attempting to scrap the spiders off (tedious process) when I heard my roommate opening his door to go to work. Since the spiders were getting out of control, I ran naked out into the hallway to warn him. Here is the dialogue exchange between us:
Me: “Watch out for the spiders!”
Him: Blank stare, “Wait, what? Where?”
Me: Getting frantic for they were on the walls, “Everywhere! They’re jumping everywhere!”
Him: Roommate gets what’s going on, “Are you dreaming?”
Me: I ponder this with a frown, “Do you think I’m dreaming, because this dream is awful.”
Him: Smiles, “Yes, go to bed.”

Relieved, I turn around and merrily hit the hay.

2. Blood or Ooze (Uncommon)
a. Sometimes I open my eyes whist dreaming and I am startled to see that my bed in covered in blood/ooze. It looks like someone up and killed a very large person on my bed. I usually hop out of bed, scrape it off me, review the damage, and flip on the lights. Luckily, the lights tend to wake me up. If they fail to do so, into the washer my bedding goes!

3. Fire (Rare)
a. This dream/sleepwalking occurrence is rare. When it does happen, I will open my eyes, see the fire, jump out of bed, and frantically grab what’s precious to me. I tend to reach for my nook or violin. Humorously enough though, if my cat is nearby I will grab him, ignore his panicked, "WTH?" scratches, and bolt. I tend to wake up as I am leaving the room.

b. Last night though, I went a step further and packed up some spare clothes for myself. I lost track halfway through the packing, made a mess, and went back to bed.

4. People (Dead or alive) (Random)
a. I have opened my eyes many times throughout my life to see people in my room. On average, these people will not say a word and they simply stare. A few times I have even had very dead and very decayed people in my room. For some reason however, I am not scared and I will have a few minutes worth of conversation with them.

b. The last time this happened, I had a woman in a white nightgown, minus half her face; stare at me from my ceiling fan. All I did was ask her why she was here, who sent her, and why she was staring. Since she failed to respond to my questions, I just turned my attention to the sharply dressed young man perched on my dresser. He also refused to talk. Zombies are lousy conversationalists.

5. Monsters (Very random)
a. As you may have noticed, I have an active imagination, so there tends to be the random monster lurking around my room during sleepwalking episodes. I will talk them out of attacking (I am skilled at talking a monster down), wave my arms at them till they leave, or just flat out attack.

b. This story is my most interesting episode thus far. One night (about a year ago) I had opened my eyes to discover a gray, furry-armored, vicious alien-thing sleeping in bed next to me. I let out a half-shriek and promptly covered my mouth to avoid waking it up. Unfortunately, the bug-like monster must have heard me, for it opened its eyes, bared its fangs, and started to push itself up. Since I had no plans of dying in my foreseeable future, I valiantly grabbed my nearby pillow, jumped, and all but landed on the creature’s spitting head. The nastiness let out a yowl and began to struggle fiercely; it even whipped a talon covered claw at my head. As I dodged its attacks, I applied even more of my weight down in hopes of crushing its head. After a few tense moments, the monster’s struggles died down and it lay still (I win). Breathing heavily, I stumbled to the light and flipped it on. As the light filled the room, the monster’s body slowly disappeared into a ruffled pile of bed sheets. I blankly stared until I heard a faint meow. To my horror, the blankets shifted and my super-lovable, large, gray cat named Andy poked his head out from underneath the coverings. Andy glared at me, shifted, and went back to sleep.

Oops, but it’s ok. Andy the cat clearly was neither dead nor dying, and it would seem that I crushed the surrounding sheets and not him. Thank God for that :)

P.S: I have started to sleep in clothes ever since my roommate saw me naked.

Have similar occurrences happened to any of you?
JenVon JenVon
Jun 30, 2012