Sibling Sleepwalker

When I was about 8, I sleepwalked once, and it was the only time I remember.  I woke up in my little sister's bed, and had no idea how I got there.  I was hugging her and she had a pleasant smile on her face.  Her bed was against the wall, and she was between me and her open door. 

It was about 7 AM Sunday morning when I awoke.  I was mortified because my sister and I fought all the time, and I had no idea how I got there.  I was afraid my mother would find out, and then I would have to admit I loved her (that is as a brother), whcih I had never done before.  I was in my PJ.s.

I had to figure out how to get myself without waking her, which was quite a chore.  I was pinned between her and the wall, and she was fast asleep in her nightie with this dreamy happy look on her face.  I finally got clear, and to sneak back to my room, but before I closed the door, I looked back at her one last time.  She still had that dreamy look on her face, like an angel. 

We're grown now and I've never mentioned it to her, but I often wonder if she'd remember.  She liked to sleep with my mom (she was about 5 at the time, and had started sleeping alone the year before.)

jkaugust1000 jkaugust1000
Mar 22, 2009