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White Noise

I guess that is what they call it. It is really hard to sleep without the consistant comforting noise. It also blocks out the rest of the noise that may be going on.

I started using it to circulate air but now it seems as though it is hard to sleep without it. I even take it with me when I sleep other places.

Curious to know if anyone else does this....

browneyedgirl23 browneyedgirl23 31-35, F 9 Responses Mar 15, 2008

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I take my fan with me when I travel I can't sleep without one.

i'm the same way hv to hv my fan on all the time it relaxes me at night not to mention this fricking heat lol:P

my fan is 45 yrs old & is so noisy! i hvta put books on top of it to quiet it down..the sound and the breeze knock me out...i can sleep up to 14 hrs with that thing on! i just wonder if it will roll when i get married

I do!<br />
I even bring it to hotels. Everyone is always "ITS FREEZING IN HERE WHY DO YOU HAVE A FAN ON" <br />
It comforts me haha

It is a comfort noise, like aeroplanes in the afternoon...little Cessnas!

It is a comfort noise, like aeroplanes in the afternoon...little Cessnas!

I do this. I sleep with a noisy fan. At first it was hard to sleep with the noise of it, and now I can't sleep in silence. How funny we are with our habits.

I do too. The circulation of the air and the hum of the fan help me fall asleep.

My hubby grew up in FL. --hot,humid. He always sleeps w/ a fan, it blows right in his face. I don't evev like to cuddle close behind him because it blows in my fave. I DO love our BIG cieling fan to be on at night though. To get air, I like the window open when its cold outside, he doesn't.