Bony Knees

I've been sleeping with a pillow between my legs for years now. I have always slept on my side, so the pillow stops my bony knees digging into one another. I also seem to get a better night's sleep when I use it. On the odd occasion I don't use it, I wake, tossing and turning.
Becnme Becnme
56-60, F
3 Responses Aug 7, 2010

I sleep with a body pillow. I have bow legs, and wide chest. I have too have it.

I used to sleep with my knees one atop the other; then in my mid 20s I suddenly found it uncomfortable and haven't been able to do so since. It shocked me as I had thought my body had stopped changing and I had an elegant pair of legs, slim shoulders, etc; but of course my body had continued to broaden stealthily and I had already missed my best opportunity...

My chiropractor advises this practice. . . for the reasons given by Katenich.