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Well, When I Am In Shape.

When I am at my racing weight, which I have not seen since March, I sleep with a pillow between my legs because if not, my knees are so boney that they hurt each and bruise each other.  When I pack on the pounds, it is not so bad. 


PS - on my way back to racing wieght!

Longrun Longrun 46-50, M 5 Responses Nov 19, 2008

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Same here I'm so happy I'm not alone .. Lol

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Maybe, for the record, I had to work at it get it that way and I have to fight to keep it that way.

Same here. I'm not racing weight right now, but the pillow between my knees also keeps my back happy.

Lucky you! I half killed myself at lunch today with my work out. Oh well, I should have skipped the Halloween candy anyway!

The same thing happens to my knees but I don't train, I just have boney knees. :)