Comfy Drive

Most of them are huge, and they invariably have a hole drilled between their legs! Just about 10 mg of lubricant can be magical with no cost or emotional hazard attached!

In any case, the other version of f[u]ck is also stuffed  .................  and to make things worse, it’s stuffed with sh[i]t

Erevos Erevos
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12 Responses Aug 5, 2010

Summer - its always good to see you


i am not joking !

the stuffed ones speak less, in fact , they don't speak at all. that's definitely a plus point !

*imagines seeing this, you ******* a stuffed bear* *imagines a woman and a bear next to each other, and you turn down the woman in favor of the bear* *laughs hysterically*

where in the world will you find a woman better than that ?

lolll omg

i mean the toys . <br />
<br />
Oh Softy !!!! what ? what ? WTF !!!! i never though about you sleeping with a drilled toy with in built hole !! <br />
<br />

LOL Lk<br />
<br />
sometimes there is no need for the cleaning thing, they can smell divine even without that !

Hmmm... Well its easier to clean a toy than a girl probably. ;p

girls are worse than stuffed toys

Hmmm any stuffed goats?