Hector is my big plush hippopotamus. 
Sleeping with him gives me the best night sleep.
When picking out a stuffed animal it needs to be one I can actually hug... it truly makes a world a different.
i <3 hector!
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1 Response May 6, 2012

huggability makes a huge difference in the stuffed animal market ! lol but i also think huggability is a factor I hold in high regard with making friends ;)... How did you come to name Hector? I have had 2 stuffed animals and i just call them bear and I think they are males. I don't know I just can't commit to a name I would like for bear.

I always used to name my stuffed animals when I was little, and phonetically I like that H factor, but I didn't want to be cliche and go with Henry, it actually took me a while he didn't have a name for a while, one of my friends named him "Kyle" and one of my other friends call him "Henrietta" cause sheknows I hate the cliche and she wants to bust on me about it... lol but Hector just feels right. lol