Since I Was Born..

Since I was born i had a stuffed bear and i took it everywhere and I mean everywhere friends houses, vacations and the bus i would stuff him in my backpack and if my tactile-ness acted up i would pet him in the bag. Now with bringing him everywhere I have lost him broken him had him ripped up by friends. I always had found him weather i left him at hotels or at my aunts in NC etc. Since 2008 I have acquired a new bear because I lost my old friend for good this time, I'm not sure how it happened although only his head was left by this point but I always found him. Well an ex had given me a polar bear from build a bear and I don't let it out of my site. I'm 26 and every relationship i have had respect my animal and they like it at bed time to. I use him to cuddle, to pet, and the best is he makes a great neck pillow! I don't think I could sleep without him. Sometimes I still bring him into work with me in the city when I work graveyard shift and I can lay on the couch with him. I love my stuffed animal and I don't think I will ever really be with out.
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i know the feeling ...i've had my stuffed wolf named Wolf-E who i've had since i was a baby and i cant sleep or go anywhere without him epsically also when im having a panic attack. :)

It is a security thing usually but for you it seems you are just very comfy w/your stuffed animal.No complaints from me,just enjoy.

I always wondered why I take it almost everywhere. It def is a comfy thing. I have a thing for objects that feel nice to touch.. it's comforting so i guess it is partly a security thing too.