The first time in my life i left home to sleep somewhere else without my parents, my mother snuck in a small little cuddly ziggy the zebra teddy into my bag. Of course i didn't like being away from home, but this little zebra provided my with such comfort as never before. He wasn't my first teddy, but he certainly became a very big part of me.

Ever since the age of 6 he's been by my side. He's been with me to Portugal, Greece, Cuba, America, Italy, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Canada. We've had a few scares in the past but to this day he sits, lies in bed with a couple of newish friends (Zebra J.r and Hanky) both zebras as well.

In times of hardship he is there to comfort me. In times of lonliness there is something i can cuddle. Whenever i can, i make sure he is safe and ducked in bed, or in the car.

Thank you zebra for all the times you've been there, and all the times when you will be there for me.
Tonydsd Tonydsd
18-21, M
May 21, 2012