The Boogie Man

ever since i was little i have always had very vivid nightmares about horrible things and people. the only way i can get to sleep is holding a stuffed animal (either my teddy bear Rebel or my smurf Simon normaly) i curl up in a ball and hold it all night its the only thing that can get me though the night.
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2 Responses May 24, 2012

I sleep in a nappy and plastic pants they make me feel safe and secure which somehow my bedwetting always has.

Hi, I'm 54 and sleep with a stuffed dog every night & use a pacifier too. And I can't sleep without them either. I was wondering.... since you like to be babied, do you wear diapers? I do, along with plastic pants to bed. you can leave me a message on here or my inbox, if you like, or just check out my profile.