All About The Bears And The Bees They 2 Love My Honey

I have had a bear since a child , he know as i remember always had a ear missing his arms and legs move and he can lay down and sit up and watch me, he is a soul of me, were i have gone he has gone funny but as i have grown older he has not ventured to work or the store with me but i must admit he has gone to the park with me to see other bears, Then one day i met a women who funny thing was had her bears tree of them in her back seat of her car, now that was sweet like honey and so were her kisses, our collection grew as we grew closer, there were bears in our bedroom every wear, soon I was donating to the save the polo bear foundation,  and having a star named after me called little bear just at the tip of the small dipper so i guess i own that star and wish on and talk to little bear star now and then, seeing i called my love my wife my every thing the name of little bear, and me she called bear, even in front of my friend, they laughed and smiled and still bring up the story of when she use to call me bear, I even have a life size bear costume we made together for me,  well know that she is gone i have a red bear that sits between the pillows and always watches over me it is my newest bear and last bear that will truly remind me of the love once shared, from the bear that loved his honey and got stung fighting for her,the Sweet's women I have KNOWN
bearsandthebees bearsandthebees
Jun 10, 2012