My Guardian Monkey

when i was little i had a stuffed animal that was a monkey. I named him Earl.
There was an amazing couple who had been my babysitters when i was about 2 till i was 3. Funny that i remember anything about them but i do. The woman's name was Ruth and his name was Earl.

When she got sick and couldn't babysit anymore, my parents found another sitter. This was a stark contrast to where i had been with Ruth and Earl. This couple was horrible. She was a nasty, mean hateful woman. He was a creepy.

I always wanted to get out of going. I can remember begging my parents to please let me stay with them. I always brought Earl with me to protect me from them sitters.

They had several kids that they watched and i remember her getting mad at us and locking us in the basement for hours. 

Then there was him.. he was vile. I didn't know at the time what he was doing was wrong, but i knew it made me feel very  strange and i didn't like it.
I came home tell my mom about not liking the bear kisses. She asked me what they were. I described them to her. And it wasn't till the next day that she realized that bear kisses where french kisses.  

I always had to make sure Earl , my beloved stuffed animal was with me. ALWAYS. i would scream and cry.. I told my parents he saved me.
My mom later got out of me that i told guy if he didn't leave me alone i was gonna tell Earl. The man was too stupid to realize that Earl was my stuffed monkey.

My mom came and got me when she put two and two together. She said she wishes she had pressed charges, but you can't change what happened and what didn't.

I kept Earl with me for years. I was never going to give him away. But about 5 years ago my house flooded and Earl was destroyed. I cried like a child when i had to throw him away. He was the one that i could count on.. i shed so many tears on his red and gray fur. I loved him so much and when i had to throw him away, a piece of my heart broke.

Sometimes i still think about sweet Earl. i hope he is the heaven where all toys go after they are no longer with their owners who loved them so much.
moonstar312 moonstar312
41-45, F
Jun 29, 2012