Of course i slept with a stuffed animal when i was little but now i'm twenty years old and i've gone back to it. i've lately been feeling quite lonely, not lonely in the sexual sense, but lonely as in just wanting closeness with someone. my loneliness was so bad that it would be hard for me to get to sleep, i had insomnia and even began to have strange phobias associated with night, like fear of the dark, death, burglars, ghosts, weird things all because i was afraid that no one was there with me. my friend told me that what she does is she sleeps with a teddy bear and it helps. so that's how i started doing it too. his name is Henry. He's a little lavendar teddy bear and we cuddle at night and i can get to sleep. and in the day time when i'm not home he watches my things. it's just better knowing that someone's there. in today's world i think that there needs to be room for some anthropomorphism just for the sake of releaving some of the stress of it all. so yea. me and Henry love each other :)

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My daughter slept with her puppet German shepherd till the day she died and she had a boyfriend who slept with both of them and had no problem.We bought it for her when she was five. We buried it with her, so I feel better about her being gone, because I know he is with her. His name was teddy. Thank you for reminding me about him. My heart is happy. There is nothing wrong with sleeping with a stuffed animal. My all your dreams come true.