Stuffed Animal Seals and ************

I'm 20 years old and I must sleep with a stuffed animal..if i don't have a stuffed animal to hug, i will end up hugging a pillow..or in more amusing times passed out at purse. 

It all began when my Poppop went to Alaska when i was 1.  He brought me back a seal named Sammie.  Sammie never left my side until he nearly fell apart. 

I was gifted many many a seal over the years. (Damn i needa ask my mom how many there are, more importantly where they all are..) anyway, I ate it up.  They were all given "S" names.  I would draw pictures of them and put it in a book.  My sister and I would make them crowns with their names on them and line them up.  My neighborhood would have picnics where kids could decorate their bikes... I decorated mine with my seals taped onto it , the "by"seal"cyle. wow.

heres where the ************ comes in.  I remember being in preschool, i remember the chocolate milk that day and everything.  We were told to imitate our favorite animal.  I was wrapping my legs around trying to act like a, whats this?  If I rub my legs together in this way?

Now.  I understand that if a child figures stuff like this out at a very young age the sex talk isn't appropriate but to this day im like DUDE how could my parents AND teacher let me have gone through SO many years of school getting off HARD in front of a LOT of people and NOT explained to me how inappropriate it was

From that day forward. Until probably the 3rd grade.  Definitely 3rd grade math class I *********** the most.  I would get really really frustrated and just sit on the corner of my desk and go at it!! SHAMELESSSS! THE TEACHER NEVER SAID A  WORD! haha I even remember once taking a few girls behind the cubbys and trying to teach them.

the only ONLY thing my parents ever said to me was...its ok, its totally ok just dont do it in public , WELL MOM AND DAD THATS NOT ENOUGH TO STOP ME! to make it worse, they would know that i was doing it because my sneakers would be all kinds of scuffed up from hitting the floor...oohh thats priceless..but  LOOKING BACK IM LIKE WWTTTTFF i mean when i say i *********** at school i mean like i would just be sitting there at my desk totally getting off like sometimes breaking a sweat...not once. ONCE did a teacher ever say a word to me.

Once I got old enough to realize what i was doing, can u imagine how traumatizing?  what kind of elementary school lets a little girl sit in a class room full of students, in front of a teacher and get off all the time violently rocking around!?!

I'm off the topic of stuffed animals, I do have a deep love for stuffed animals, stuffed animal seals.  I still love to **********.  LOL, but honestly.

If you have a child, LORD< explain to them well enough so that they aren't totally making a fool out of themselves in public.

but, stuffed animals should always be encouraged.  You are never to old to sleep with a stuffed animal, they are amazing.  Seals rule,  im delving into penguins these days as well... just picked up a Madagascar penguin drunk at the riteaid last night..loves it

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2 Responses Feb 8, 2009

OMG. This is a very common occurrence. Furbie *******. Twice in the last week I have walked in on my significant other humping a large stuffed dog that is kept in the bed as a "pillow". This morning I heard barking coming from the bedroom and figured this was an added effect of a deed well done! Lol!

Very cool story, sealgirl. It is close to the story I wrote about humping my teddy bear.