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Drowning In a Sea of Friends...

I am going to be turning 21 in September, and I still sleep with stuffed animals. When I was little I constantly was abused by my sister who would sneak into my room to beat me. So this made me be afraid of the dark. I would gather all of my stuffed animals and surround myself in them from head to toe. They were my personal guardians. They threw their lives on the line for me. I still sleep with my grey wolfie who is residing on my pillow at this moment. I also have a giant sheep, a giant pig, a glowing seahorse, about six doggies, and bunches of more. I always have to sleep with them or I don't feel safe. They are my protectors...and I love them for it.

DeliriousKitten DeliriousKitten 18-21, F 1 Response May 3, 2009

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aww thats so cute.. I am glad that you have found comfort in something so innocent.. sorry to hear about your sister...