They Are Special

I used to have a favourite stuffie when I was a kid.. and eventually grew into having a favourite blanket that I still keep on my bed.. in January I was put in the hospital for depression.. my mom got me a little stuffed doggy that I named butch.. I took him everywhere with me... even to school.. my best friend lives 6 hours away from me and I am always telling her how much I miss her hugs so she got me a HUGE stuffed puppy that I named huggles.. so I can have her hugs whenever I need them.. when I went back into the hospital in march. I brought both of them. I felt safe.. I cried with them and sang with them.. and just felt like I had a piece of home with me... I love my puppies

sindayla sindayla
18-21, F
1 Response May 3, 2009

I know.. I love them soooo much.. the best part is you can vent infront of them.. and they keep their mouth shut...