my stuffed animal

I... sleep with stuffed animal. It's a white cat and I even named it Elizabeth. I named all my plush toys I got since I was small and slept with them all. But She is different..I'm adult now so I am a bit ashamed..but I sleep with it when I feel alone at night...

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Yeah, that would be ideal- I really hope to find someone one day :) Someone who I can trust and talk freely and honestly to. And (obviously) someone who likes hugging :P

yes, that's exactly like it is xd i would like to replace it with somebody real though..<br />
who can hug me back..

Yeah, I know what you mean, you don't have anywhere to put your arms! ^^<br />
<br />
It really does help to ease the loneliness- you can pretend you have someone there.

yeah..i feel alone if i don't have my animal with me at night.<br />
i feel like something's missing. it's not a shame to sleep with it. it shows how lonely we are..<br />
how we need someone beside us.

It seems to be everyone's hidden shame. There should be an I-sleep-with-my-stuffed-animal pride movement! : ]<br />
<br />
It never quite feels alone when you're with your stuffed animal and it never quite feels like there's someone there... it's somewhere in between... but in a sort of good way, I think. ^^

Thank you ^.^' I don't know how it looks like but I like to hug her in my sleep every night, especially when It's cold..

i think its cute,maks me smile a little to think what u would look like lying there holding Elizabeth,u must look so beautiful