A Huge And Fascinating Topic

I was recently widowed and I'm so glad that I've had my cuddly toys to play a part in taking care of my emotional needs. There's so much that could be said on this topic that I wouldn't even know where to start. From psychology (e.g. Winnicott's transitional objects) to sexuality (not for me, but I'm certainly not judging here) and everything in between, I find it totally fascinating. And I think it's a crazy assumption that just because you reach the age of 18 or some other arbitrary marker of adulthood, you no longer need comfort and emotional support (not to mention play!). Sure, you can get that from within yourself and from significant others, but a cuddly toy is a bit like a good therapist - you fill it with your own content and it makes absolutely no demands of you. (And it's soft and fluffy as a bonus!)

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1 Response Feb 26, 2010

i use this hugeeee dog i have as warmth lol just lie it on top of me :)