I Love Bunnyrabbit!!

So...I have a whole bunch of stuffed animals that I keep on my bed. Well, they're on my bed when I'm unlazy enought to pick them up off the floor where they all end up at night after I put them back on my bed during the day. But I have one that I always sleep with when I'm alone, and she even travels with me so she's with me in hotel rooms, at home, at friends' houses (sometimes...depends on how long I've known them and how tolerant they are of the weird things I do). She's a really cute stuffed white bunny with eyelashes on her closed eyes (She's always sleeping, I guess). I've had her since my second birthday, when I called her "my yiddo bunnywab" (according to my parents). I call her Bunnyrabbit now, cuz people think it's weird enough that I sleep with a stuffed animal...I don't need to be using babytalk on top of that!! Anyways, a lot of her fur has been lost over the years, leaving patches of the white mesh stuff under it visible. I always carried her around by the ears when I was little, so her ears and neck are so wobbly now that they won't stand up straight. Her legs are folded under her like you see real bunnies do when they're not hopping around. When I first got her, she looked almost real (in a fake, stuffed animal way) except for the eyelashes, but now after years of fur loss, tear-stains, some stuffing loss from a rip (now fixed), hugging, and loving, she's really showing her age, but I just can't let go of her. I'll probably keep sleeping with her for years to come until she just completely falls apart. I'm kinda shy and don't like telling people my feelings or secrets, so I've told her everything. So she's really like my life-long best friend too, not just a stuffed toy I sleep with.

KaBe22 KaBe22
18-21, F
Mar 12, 2010