Is It Weird?

okay so some people might find it odd, a 17, almost 18 year old guy sleeping with stuffed animals? Well you have to at least wait til you hear my story before you judge! I grew up with pretty much no friends, no love from my family.. So all I really had was stuffed animals. Some kids have imaginary friends, I had them. I talked to them, played with them, kept them on my bed because i loved them and never wanted them to be away from me. I didnt really get many friends in middle school, i still found consolation in my stuffed animals. In high school I have friends now, not many but very good friends none-the-less. I still have a few stuffed animals on my bed, but the only ones up there now are the one ive had for more than ten years, and a couple that were gifts from very special people that i wont ever see or hear again. That is why I sleep with stuffed animals.

kibbins kibbins
18-21, M
1 Response Apr 14, 2010

you know i think that is soooooooooooo cute i am 18 and sleep with my stuffed monkey and i have this rag doll that i love to bits (liturly)