I Feel So Secure With My Bear

I have to admit I've had a few different bears and stuffed animals as time went on, but 2 in particular have always been very special to me...Both were white bears...The reason I went "through" them is more because I kept having purge kicks and getting rid of them, even when I was like 5 and then finding I needed them and getting a new one. I can't say the names on the bears because they are unique and easily identify me hehe...But I always found that I've felt so safe and secure with them especially if I had a nightmare or something. My last bear I've had for years now, and I pretty-much don't care if people know I have him like I did when I was like 13. I love him. I always felt like I was missing something the days I didn't have him when I slept, like nothing to cling to (usually days where a friend was over and I didn't want them to know lol). Even in the dead of heat where it's too hot for blankets and sometimes even pajamas, I still have to sleep with him. I love my bear, and I don't care how old I get, that will not change.
madkat3 madkat3
Jul 10, 2010