Fee Fee <3

it all started when i was liddle :)
and i wanted a dog. my stepdad gave me a stuffed one. she was adorable. cocker spaniel. i loved her so much. through thick and thin she was always there..
when noone was on my side in fights at home i knew she was. whenever i cried when i felt unloved id squeeze her as tight as i can.
whenever i visited a cousins house, for a sleepover , you best believe she was the first inside my overnight bag.

but now that ive grown older . sadly. shes starting to become forgotten. tossed aside. losing her magic. in a place and world so fast paced where everything
is cold and electronic , dramatic and unsympathetic, dont we need something warm and reassuring? something to hold to cure the lonliness? the sadness? the
fear? to cry on when everything crashes down? its amazing how much love i put into her . amazing how much i felt she loved me back.

is this a story to dramatic of a girl and her bear?
ashhxmaso ashhxmaso
Jul 25, 2010