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I Have To....really.

I'm to the point now that I can't get to sleep without my teddy bear. If I am so tired that I just fall asleep without him, I have nightmares. I used to just sleep with him for comfort, now it's a necessity. I will lose sleep if I don't have him curled up next to me in bed or wherever I am sleeping. Especially when I am away from home.
SDToddler SDToddler 22-25, M 13 Responses May 19, 2011

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When I wa 4-6 years old I slept with a panda bear every night. After 2 years we had to dispose of him since he had been pissed on every night for 2 years running. Broke my heart to dispose of him.However mommy got me a new one about every couple of years til I was 12 years old & she thought I was too old to be sleeping with teddies. Of course I had my 10 yo brother to sleep with & we both drenched the bed every night.

I am sorry that happen man

I use to have a Teddy bear and I would put a diaper on him and sleep with him it made feel so happy knowing I had a diaper on and my teddy had his on, I miss my teddy bear

I havn't slept with a stuffed animal in months, maybe thats why I have grown cold hearted. Well tonight will be different!

I like your thinking!

Hi! I don't know what I would do without Mr. Snuggles. When I go play (work) I can't have him with me, but he is my best friend. He will never betray me or hurt me. (Him won't tell nobody dat me wear diapers eever)

aww I remember my first teddy bear, I forgot it at the hospital & never got him back. I could not sleep right for weeks. he kind of looked like the one in your picture

Thanks for the Comment Cali. Mine looks like the one in the pic that I have now.

awe, boys and their teddy bears! hehe

Comforters are a big thing for littles, and not just for night times, they can settle and give security at anytime:)<br />
Have a small comforter as well during the day (something like the little cuddly beanie babies) small enough to keep in your pocket just to know they are there and you feel safe:)

I don't have a teddy, but I do have a stuffed dog I like to cuddle with at night.

I am so glad to hear that I am not the only one that needs their teddy bear to sleep at night , What<br />
security and comfort they bring.. They seem to chase away all the scary things that the night can bring.

I agree. They keep me safe and make me recover from nightmares a whole lot better. Teddy bears are the bestest!!

I to can not sleep with out my teddy. If I have bad dream then I see I flee much better then give them a big hug. They also mack me fill so much safer

FoxWolfie, I completely understand. It's like they know your secrets and they can console you when you need it. They are your best friend sometimes as well. There is a special place in our hearts for them.

thanks Angelic. That is so true. I sleep so much better when I have him near. Thanks for the uplifting comment.