I Have Him 17 Years Now.. and He's Still Nameless..

when my stepfather and my mom met 17 years ago, he gave teddy to me.. i still haven't named him, i always just called him teddy, he's still in shape and i sleep with him. when i move in with Charlie i will take him with, he won't be able to share the bed with us but he will definitely have his own little space..

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david marrage61years young . one should do whatever makes one happy in life . good luck to you all . be happy with your teddys

Aw, that is adorable.<br />
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I've been collecting teddy bears since childhood. I'm 22-years old and still have some of the bears from my younger days. And I say some 'cause I know for a fact that my dad got rid of them, years ago. I have more now, and other plush animals, so my teddy bear/plush toy collection is growing. Teddy bears and plush clown dolls, are my favorite.

My teddy has been with me since i moved out and he still has a place on my bed.