Its A Secret!

I got a teddy bear that I got when I was about 4. Even though he is old I love sleeping with him.
His name is Theo and he is always sleeping in my bed, ha ha.. None of my friends know about him, and it would be soo embarrassing if they found out I'm still sleeping with a teddy bear
SomethingAwesome97 SomethingAwesome97
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2 Responses May 21, 2012

yeah i think its nice i still do 2. its embarrassing but alot of people do it. even som e of my friends

aww i like that name :D haha and i have the same well i mean i have cat that i like to sleep with, since my REAL cat wont....anyways i got fearless when i was like 2 now im 13 an still sleep with her...she keeps my comfert when im scared so i think its nice that you sleep with a teddy