Mine Is a Bunny!

I had a toy when i was born but it got absolutely wrecked by the time i was 4!!! And when he got thrown away i wasn't bothered i was very stubborn, determined, independent so i knew i didn't need it!!! AT 4!!!!!

But on my 16th birthday my mate (who i fancied the *** off) gave me a lil bunny rabbit!
That night i slept with the bunny as i was completely pathetic and naive!
But it felt just like the toy i had as a baby i don't remember how i knew this but that was the best night sleep i had in a long time!!

When i showed my mum the next day she told me it felt and looked very similar to the toy i had as a baby!!!

Ive had him for 5 years now going on 6 and he isn't as pink as he used to be as i don't like him to be washed!!! But he is called FWOPSEY and he is getting very well traveled!
He has been to Malta and Turkey (3 times)

I really cant sleep without him and i did panic when i left him at my dads house the night before i flew out to turkey this May!! But my daddy found him and drove all the way to the airport to make sure i got him before boarding!!! What a star he is!!!
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1 Response May 24, 2007

That's so cute!