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Can't Sleep Without Him

I have to have my Teddy Bear to sleep at night. If I don't have him, I have a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep. I feel very tired the next morning as well.

SDToddler SDToddler 22-25, M 7 Responses Aug 17, 2008

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i sleep with my tedy bear i tried to sleep with out mine one night and cannot do it my tedy bears nane <br />
is gerber baby bear she is 30 years old and i still love her i do not leve her alone we go places to gether

i am another one who can't imagine trying to go to sleep without my teddy bear. i am a student now but my mummy still treats me as a little boy (which i love). After she has bathed me and dried me she puts me to bed with Henry, my bear. He and i have a chat and a play then Mummy comes back and tucks me in and Henry and i sleep through the night<br />

Pookers:<br />
I have one of those too. I can't imagine letting my dog chew on him. I take such good care of him because I sleep with him every night. <br />
I hope Logan is doing well and he still has all of his stitching.

SDToddler, I actually have that bear in your profile pic! I named him Logan. My dog likes to chew on him even though its bigger than he is :)

aw toddler thatts cool i sleep with my tedy i made at the biulabear workshop when i was 10 or 12 <br />
i lost the berth certificit to him and cant remember wut i named him(i feel so bad about it) but i do no he has a haert unlike most teddyes<br />
boy i wich i had a 5 foot tall teddy

yeah, I have one like that. He's black and is about 5 feet tall. I sleep in his lap every night.

Awwww..that's cute. I bet he helps you sleep well at night.