My Son and His Teddy

My 2 oldest boys never developed a favorite stuffed animal, they both had them and kept some on their beds, but there wasn't one they dragged around.

My youngest son, who is 11 1/2, has had this teddy bear he calls "Mr. Bear", since the day he was born. Originally it was made of 4 pastel colors and contain a small wind-up music box sewn up inside of it. He developed an early and complete attachment to this bear, he carried him around and always took him when he went to visit grandma. He loved it to death, literally. The music box came out, as did the stuffing eventually. I searched everywhere for a new one, even calling the manufacturer, and they didn't make them any longer.

I knew my son would be devastated without Mr. Bear, he was about 3 yrs old by this time. I bought some fabric to match Mr. Bear as closely as I could, and his grandmother made Mr. Bear a new set of "pajamas". I thought my son's reaction to his best friend's new body was a bit touching, a tad sad and surprising. When he woke from his nap one day, we handed Mr. Bear to him. His reaction was immediate, he tried to pull Mr. Bear's head off of his new body. He was barely 3 but he new this new body wasn't right. We stopped him and explained he had a new set of pajamas and it would hurt if he kept pulling on Mr. Bear's head.

He eventually accepted the repaired Mr. Bear and the two subsequent new sets of pajamas he has received in the years since then. He really loved that bear, and still does, even though he now knows it is an inanimate object. If Mr. Bear disappeared today, he'd get over it quickly, but as a 3 year old, I don't know that he ever really would have.

WittyOne WittyOne
46-50, F
Aug 18, 2007