The Twins!!!

Yes i'm a woman of 45yrs.....................and i'm proud to say that i Sleep with my TeddyBears,not one but two(OK i'm Greedy)

I love the Bear "Me2u" you know him,he's quite famous you know,OK not quite as famous as "Rupert"....he got leftout in the cold and he is the colour grey.

First of all i got one and named him "Andy" and then i felt sorry for him lying on my bed all alone so i got him a friend and named him "Pandy"

So now i have Andy and Pandy hence calling them "The Twins"

We have been through an awful lot together...................

On my Sad days (and there have been many of those)i used to Cuddle them so tight,i left many a tearstain on them.............but they didn't mind,my faithful little stuffed friends!!!!!!


They are not with me at the moment,i had to pack them away because i shipped them back with my belongings and now they are in storage,i haven't seen them for quite sometime,i packed them together so at least they have each other until the day we re-unite!

A friend said to me recently "maybe they've suffocated"Oooooh i certainly hope not!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No other Bear can take their place because like i said they've been with me through some tough times.

I asked a question on this site quite some time ago"do you Sleep with a Teddy because i do"and someone answered back"how Old are you,growup"

Well i ask you-Why,should i?

I found that answer just a tad bit hurtful but OK that's their opinion but NO i Love my Bears and i refuse to Growup!!!! -) LOL!

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Haha...never had anyone ask me to be their teddy bear.....want to help me cross it off my list?

I say go get your teddy bears out of storage,they belong w/you and who cares what others think.It is their opinion but don't let that stop you from such comfort esp when you really need to hug and be held and you are alone.Thanks for this story it is cute.

Awww Bless you......they are now out of storage and back with me.......thank you :)

i lost my teddy bear :( i miss it allot..........

I have a stuffed seal called spudd and i can tell you he has been to hospital with me three times he sleeps with me every night and i would be lost without him

Awww!good for you Katherine.................have a Good day Sweetheart -)

I Sleep with a teddybear and her name is huggy, and i am 24 years old, and i am never gonna give up on her no matter how old i get!