We Fight Over Who Gets The Best Spot

My Kitties are all *seniors* now, and love their creature comforts which means that MY bed is not mine !

I have 3 *ladies* who want my soft warm bed, my 2 *Toms* generally choose a couch each, however, my youngest Tom, will not only demand my bed on winter nights, HE has been known to push me out of the way.  

He is a large cat ( 4' nose to tail) and weighs 22lbs
c8lorraine c8lorraine
2 Responses Sep 1, 2010

I agree, they know what they want, and *we* will not get in the way !

He's my *teddy bear* and limp like a rag doll if he doesn't want to move, BUT try giving him a tablet and he is as strong as a grizzly bear