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Maybe I should say they let me sleep on their bed. Sometimes there is a tussle over who gets the best spot, and my baby girl gets really possessive of sleeping next to me, to the point she will run the other cats off the bed. Bisset, 11 pounds will go after Gar, 17 pounds, run him off the bed, stretch one back leg out until she touches me, lays her head on the edge of the bed and glares at Gar until he looks away.
When Mike gets on the bed, everyone else leaves. Never seen him do anything to any of them, but when he wants to lay next to me, he is the only cat on the bed, the rest will jump up, see who is there and jump down, they will not get on the bed until he has had his time and left even his sister Bisset.

Cats are unique.
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My cat Geetaa has the odd habit of draping his head over my forearm, as it rests on the chair, so his throat covers it and his head points towards the floor.
Cats ARE unique...Mike made himself the alpha cat! OK, now Geetaa sees me typing he reached out one paw to touch the PC. He's helping me type. LOL

I have a new one, Annie, she has 3 legs and full of fire. Only about 2 years old I guess but takes not guff from the Siameses

Oh I want to meet them all! they sound like fun!

My friend had a Siamese who would not tolerate being held but - when he felt like it - would present himself at your feet "for inspection" like a little soldier. He'd like his shoulder muscles massaged and wouldn't budge while you did it.

My guy, Mike, will flop in the driveway for scruffeling, (my own word), it is basically combing with your fingers. Pulls a lot of the guard hairs as well as the loose smaller stuff. When he gets through on one side he rolls to the other. Buy the time we are done I usually have a wad of hair I could make another cat with, but, I will point out since doing this, all 6 want it now and I have fewer hair ball cough ups on the carpets. I guess its worth the time. Mike will take holding for a while, but his sister Bisset likes laying over my shoulder or wrapped around my neck.

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Yes they are! God made them for us sensitive people! You have 5?

6 now, I let the vet and his office staff talk me into a little girl who needed a home, she only has 3 legs but god is she a scrapper and a heck of an attitude. She does not like being scolded.


Bisset, my Siamese female, scolded every time she did something, it didn't help, if I am eating cashews, she will still attack my ankles until I give her one.

Your getting a right little tribe,good on you.

Gypsy star fishes and takes up as much bed as possible,and we are in a King size bed !

I am at 6 now, vet talked me into taking an amputee he said deserved a good home. She is cute, may have to post a picture of her here one day