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My mom bought me Velbert when I was in my 20's. You can see a picture and drawing I did of him here in my album on my profile. He has gone with me on every trip I have gone on since I got him. His best friend is another stuffed animal called Bud Gnawood (he's a beaver). I have snapshots of them on beaches, by pools, sightseeing spots etc. Velbert pretty much lives on my bed (I think he likes guarding my pillow. Like the velveteen rabbit in the story the pink on the inside of his ears is now a greyish brown and the stitching in his nose is starting to come undone. To me he is real. When I am sad he listens to me babble, his eyes really look like they can see. When I die I want him to "live" on in a new loving home.
katnipkitkat katnipkitkat 41-45, F 10 Responses Mar 16, 2011

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Ignore the douche who said you need a shrink. I think it's normal for you to feel as you do toward Velbert. I'm the same way toward my plushies. I love them, sleep with them, talk to them (a bit, not extensively!), and take them on trips. My main "squeeze" is a red dragon called Boston -- she's just lovely and has such a loving ex<x>pression.<br />
<br />
Besides, I can already tell you what any shrink would say -- it's a case of transference of emotion and trust to something that won't judge you negatively and stuffed animals are convenient things to anthromorphize. Having social anxiety myself, it's not surprising I find such refuge in my plushies as well. It may be a crutch, but who cares? It's not hurting anyone.

Thanks :)

I am not saying this is what I believe, but I am accepting that it is not beyond the realm of possibility (since there is so much about the human mind and other things that we don't know yet) that if there is such a thing as "psychic energy" or whatever you want to call it then some of this energy can "rub off" on your possessions. Which may cause some people to feel overly attached to material ob<x>jects. Plus it can make you feel better sometimes just to pretend, like when you were a kid :)

I have four.<br />
Emmet a brown bear now 25, George a chimp 12, Fred a possum 11, Bob a pink bear 8<br />
They are all part of my family. I don't sleep with any of them, but we are very close.

I have pets. If it isn't hurting anyone who cares if people sleep with stuffed animals.


If you want support when you are down and depressed I would suggest you get a pet. Having a pet is proven to be therapeutic and healing. But in all honesty there's nothing better than having one really close friend you can share just about everything with. <br />
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I used to sleep with stuffed animals too and it would make me feel secure but as I started getting older I realized it was a mental issue... insecurity. I kicked the habit. <br />
<br />
Seriously, get a pet and make some friends, socialize, have fun. It's not normal to be so attached to stuffed animals.

Then there's the boy who slept with a12 inch long aluminum model Greyhound bus he made in shop class.

stuffed animals are nice to have when you're lonely and need support, they're like the only understanding :"3

I am already aware of that.

sorry but it sounds like you may need a shrink

I have one too but it is a dalmation and i have had it since I was born and i love it soooooo MUCH!!! I am just glad that there is someone else out there who is like me!! (: Thank you!