Up All Night And Slept All Day!

I do this all the time. I've been up all night and it's now 6:40AM. I'm not sleepy yet! At least I did a few things while I was up (and still am) and usually I don't get anything done.

I've sorted some stuff I needed to, showered, washed my hair and trimmed it, gave myself a facial, amd whitened my teeth!! LOL I know I just did for myself but that's a big step for me. I usually just sit and do absolutely nothing, or go online, or watch TV. I know it sounds bad but I sat down a long time ago and planned on waiting there till I died. I totally gave up.

Now I'm beginning to make some progress, no matter how small, but the big thing I really have to say is that I quit sitting and waiting to die. I'm not saying I won't slip back, but I am trying to feel more positive, and accept life as it is.

I'm a long way from getting to "normal" and I guess I'll never be that, but I'm a long way to being the best I can. ADHD, depression, anger, MORE, there are things I need to deal with. I do feel I'm a little better than I was.

I found EP while sitting on my butt, around five months ago, and it has had a profound impact on my life. Of course there is good and bad  on the site, geez. put so many together and what do you expect? But I have made some wonferful friends here and a lot more ep people have helped me so much I can't count them all.

Well the sleeping all day is not going away anytime soon but I am at least willing to work on it! And I know that it might last either. But I won't be waiting to die, this I know. I love God and look forward to being with Him but it will be when He's ready, and it could be a long time! So, for now I just wanted to say that I have a long way to go but I think my mind is ready to start cooperating and I'll make the best of it while it lasts. Wish me well as I do for you!
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Oh dear, bad news artsy, she has a brother Whiskers that also lives here, and the little sweeties were orphaned before weaned completely - mommy cat got out ( not here) and was killed by car,<br />
so they were fed with doll bottles. Why did I write all that? Did'nt apply at all and was just depressing! <br />
Keepers is purring and her fur is like silk! So much for sticking to my story! But thank you for admiring my" little girl" !

Thank you Artsy , that's a perfect twin of my cat Keepers!! She is right beside me with her head on edge of my laptop and looking at me with the identical ex<x>pression!! {{Hugs}}

AWwww! Sis, you and lilbit are gonna embarrass me!!! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, your words truly mean the world to me. I think we gotta fambly on a long journey together. You are a ladee indeed. Hear that Majirita?? {{{Hugs}}}

I do too endofseptember, and while some of it may be my probs, in some ways I too prefer it. I love sunny days, but nights are more my style.

ha im used to that sleep schedule and in many ways prefer it. theres nothing wrong with being a night owl. thats probably how i'll want to stay for as long as my body can handle it

Awww, Thank you and I know for a fact you could! Encouragement feels good, especially if it's "fambly" !

Thank you for commenting, boxbell my friend! EP is a pretty good place, huh? I came last March and it has helped me so much. Lot better than a shrink!! I 've been there too! Well, I see one still but I get much more help here. {{HUGS}}

Dear Friend<br />
I found ep trying to find help for my loss. And all we can do is try.<br />
<br />
I have also found good people here.Life is full of "surprises" must enjoy, I see you do many things.<br />
{{hugs}} :)

Thank you unshakable, take care also and many hugs back! Keep the Faith!!

My dear friend,as long as you are happy and loved the things you do its very good.You are not answerable to anyone.I am seeing a psychiatrist and 3 days ago a psychologist.I am having health challenges that sometimes really difficult but i believe God has a purpose in our lives.Its us who do not surrender and wait.Take care and hugs.