At Last

Living a dream! I asked the receptionist out last week - we've always got on well but if I'm honest she's completely out of my league...anyway whilst lazing by the pool in Vegas last week I promised myself that I'd 'go for it' on my return.

So I asked if she's meet me in the pub on Saturday afternoon. And what do you know she said yes!!! Now I was worried lol!
So the day came and I still thought that it would just be a couple of drinks, putting the world to rights, and having a good moan about failed relationships. But as the day moved on I was encouraged because she seemed so happy to stay...
We decided to get a takeaway and take it back to hers...on the way I decided to ask her if I could kiss her. She again said yes :)

I stayed the night, I had the best time in a long time with one of the sexiest women I've ever known. It's true that dreams can come true. Sometimes you just need to go for it!
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Sep 17, 2012