My Virgin Boy

Met this guy in a bar and have been sleeping with him for a little while now, Martin is 19 and gorgeous and has plenty of stamina ;-)  Anyway during a bit of pillow talk after sex he tells me about a friend of his who is 18 and never been with a woman before. Reckoned I would be amazing for his first time. I am flattered and some time later I call Martin back and tell him I want to meet his friend :-D

So met his friend, Eric, about 3pm Saturday at a cafe after he had set it all up, good looking, tall and very polite but the poor boy was as nervous as anything. He bought me some flowers, which was sweet. We had a coffee, chatted for a bit, got to know a bit more about him, then went for a walk. He held my hand so tight almost the whole time.

We got back to my place and i asked him if he'd ever kissed a woman before, he said he had... from then we kissed, a lot. He was a good kisser, actually.  I then changed clothes into a short white lacy mini slip, no bra only panties, which he really liked. Said it made me look even sexier. ;-)

Sat on the edge of the bed together and I ran my hands all over him, kissed some more, undid his shirt, he had a nice body. Undid his pants and reached in and played with him for a bit.  He liked that and so did i ;-)

Pulled it out of his pants... he wasn't too long but thick enough. Had a slight upward curve and a delightful shiny pink head. Asked him if he had ever been sucked off before, he said he hadn't. What a lucky girl i was :-)  Gave him his first long, slow and deep sucking off but he was so worked up and anxious he almost blew too soon! I wanted to save it for later ;-D

He then peeled off my slip and licked and sucked my nipples. Major turn on! I took the rest of his clothes off and laid back onto the bed and let him take my panties off. He moved in closer and I guided his virgin **** to the target. Rubbed it against my lower lips a bit to tease him and bit of fumbling around then...ohhh...first time or hundreth time I never get tired of the feeling of a guy sliding into me. He had a bit of surprised looked on his face when he realised what he had just done lol.

His first time lasted about 10 minutes before he thrust hard, grunted, stiffened his body, exploded inside me, swore to himself, then collapsed on top of me haha. We had a bit of pillow talk and he seemed very pleased with himself. When he was aroused again i sucked him off to completion swallowing every. last. squirt.

He didn't leave my place till Sunday afternoon ;-) When he did he asked if he would see me again? I said "maybe we will" we kissed, he said thank you and left.
nibbletoes nibbletoes
26-30, F
May 21, 2012