Having Sex With Married Women...

I have to admit that, yes, I *DO* love to have sex with married women! For most of my life, I had sex with just one married woman, though... my own wife.  We married fairly young (she was 18, I was 21), and we each had only EVER had sexual intercourse with each other (starting more than 2 years before the wedding).  We lost our virginities to each other, and I never had sex with ANYONE else for the next 30 years, and she claimed the same was true for her.  But then we separated, and eventually divorced.
But the title of the group is "I Slept With ANOTHER Man's Wife", isn't it?  SO why am I writing this story in this group?  Well, SINCE the end of my monogamous years, I have been making up for lost time!  I am not able to even count how many married women I have now had sex with, and I DON'T mean women that *I* am married to!  But I also want you to understand that I DO believe in the sanctity of marriage, I do NOT think it is right for a woman to cheat on her husband, and I think it is wrong for a man to try to seduce a woman into having sex without her husband's knowledge?
So, again, why am I posting in this group?  Because while I *DO* have sex with other men's wives, it is NOT cheating!  When I have sex with a man's wife, it is ONLY with the husband's full knowledge and approval.  I have managed to find myself fully involved in the swinging lifestyle, a community of people, both single, married, and in non-married relationships, who share my attitude that sex is an activity to be shared with others, MANY others, and not to be limited to just married partners.  I meet couples all the time, married or not, who enjoy sex for sex's sake, who believe -- as I do -- that sex is too wonderful an activity to share with just one person.  No, we all believe that sex is a fantastic recreational activity, to be shared with both loved-ones and friends, and even, occasionally, strangers, if proper protocols are observed.
I regularly attend parties, with my girlfriend, where sex is the main purpose of the party!  We meet old friends at these parties, and often have sex with them, and we also meet new people, make new acquaintances, and sometimes have sex with these new friends aas well.  And while I enjoy finding a new woman who enjoys having sex with me, and joining in an **** where there may be 4 men and 2 women, I especially love it when a loving married couple invite me to join them for sex!  Sometimes the husband simply wants to watch as I pleasure his wife, other times he wants to kiss and touch his wife as I am inside her body, bringing her physical joy, but it is best of all when we are BOTH working to try and bring her to wonderful levels of ecstasy!  And the closer the bond seems to be between the couple, the deeper their love for each other, the more I enjoy the encounter!  I do not wish to encounter drama, nor do I care to create it... I just want to share in their physical pleasures, and it's as if some of their love for each other rubs off on me during the encounter, and I part from them VERY happy, almost glowing!
And while most of the time, the sex I have with these women is safe-sex, there are several occasions where I have been invited to have unprotected sex with the wife, and have *** inside an unprotected *****, filling her with my *****!  To the best of my knowledge, this has only been with women who are on birth control, or who are post-menopausal, though if I were invited to attempt to impregnate a woman, I would be happy to do that as well, as long as all involved were fully aware of the situation.
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Oh, I DO! In the last 7 days, I've had sex with 5 different women, not counting my GF... and we are going to a sex party tonight too! Plus I already have a playdate setup for Monday, with a guy I know and a woman I've never met before.

Your energy amazes me.

Hey, it keeps me young! And my little medical gift helps too... have you read my blog?

No yet. Interesting reading?

Well, I used to suffer from Erectile Dysfunction, but got it fixed, lol! Read about it...

Oh true you're the 1 friend who had something special done to your ****, the way you explained it I seriously perceived it as you have a machine **** type of...

Hi, HedoZen! The implant enables me to get hard whenever I like, and to STAY hard as long as I like... so in that sense, it's like a machine. But it's still flesh-and-blood, and feels mostly natural, and I've never had any complaints from any of my sex partners... they all seem to LOVE my ability to just keep going-and-going, even right through an ******. Though I would still trade back for the ability to have a quality NATURAL erection, I am so happy to have had this medical solution available to me!

Read it. It was great. Glad it worked so well for and it's kept working.

@ everlast = can it apply to any men? This is the only time in life I ****** like what seemed 4ever, its seriously sweet


Doesn't sound like YOUR friend NEEDS an implant, Hedo! He just keeps going like a machine withOUT any artificial help! Good for you...

He never **** on top of that, some women would worry but I felt the happiest

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Wow!!!! Ok! So even though I do not approve of the swinging lifestyle, I respect it yet still do not understand it. But to each its own, in your case you are correct "no cheating" goes own since husbands are fully aware! Ok my friend you keep making it up for those lost years "as you put it". Good luck!

Thanks, mom2012! In my experience, you are somewhat of a rarity... a non-swinger who respects the swinging lifestyle. Though I do NOT expect to "convert" you, lol, I do hope you can see how sex is SUCH a wonderful experience, that many people simply believe it is TOO awesome to be shared with but a single partner! Mainstream society leads us to believe that love and sex go hand-in-hand, that you should ONLY have sex with ONE partner, the one you have chosen to be your life partner... but if you look at it objectively, WHY is that? As long as you and your partner BOTH agree that it can be wonderful to share those pleasures with others, why not? Be safe, be careful, be discriminating... but share those joys with others!
But I do fully respect those who stick to the monogamous lifestyle... there's nothing wrong with that, and it CAN be a beautiful thing as well! But it's just not how ALL of us care to live our lives!

Cool that you are so understanding. Most people who aren't into this lifestyle themselves are very judgmental, glad to see you are open-minded. FYI, I now have a fiance who shares in this lifestyle...we have a very loving relationship, but monogamy plays no part in it.

I think consensual sharing is best, too.

I don’t see where there would be cheating when all is consenting...

My point exactly! I like to have sex with married, but I do NOT approve of cheating!

Cheating would be if the husband had no idea you’re ******* his wife...I thought that was basic knowledge no?

I also don't approve of cheating. I always said if I get to be married its either I’m in open relationship or 1 on 1 but if 2nd option, you gotta be da best ****** I’m having in my whole life...