Only cause mommy yelled at him .. And daddy told her to leave and dont come back until she's sober... I didn't think men cried until that night when I went up stairs to see if mommy ever came home ... Daddy balled his eyes out after I said mommy ?... He said mom ain't coming home tonight .. I felt bad so sat on end of the bed . and tired wiping his tears away then I went under the covers to wrap up in his arms.. He said he said he was tried of seeing mom so drunk ... That night around 2am we heard a knock on the door .. So when daddy got up to put a shirt on I saw bruises all over him .. I felt bad so I followed even try though he told saying the bed ... It was a cop at the door with mommy I hid behind daddy . officer I don't want that drunk lady near my kids ... He ask why?, their her kids too. I peaked though daddy legs and lifted his shirt up .. The cops eye opened so wide he didn't think a woman could do that.. I told the cop I'm daddy witness... So the cop put her in the car he said he'll be back in the morning... Daddy said OK good night... Daddy put me in my bed as he started to leave I said daddy I'm scared .. Daddy stay in here... So I thought daddy was going to stay for a couple hours but then I woke up laying next to him ... :D but when mommy came back nothing changed .. .
rosey20 rosey20
22-25, F
Aug 24, 2014