Well ..... More To The Point ....

...I have stayed awake whilst they have been ******* me!

I have had a fair percentage of new men, and women, have sex with me on a daily or weekly basis as, quite frankly, that is my job....my career....

I am a prostitute....a streetwalker at that....and that's what we do...



Amber xx
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Baby, I love visiting hookers and even started a group on EP. I have ****** LOADS of prostitutes and can honestly say I can count on the fingers of one hand the ones I didn't enjoy, - and even those made me *** !! I have had anal, oral role play, anything my wife wouldn't do (and that's MOST thingsv!!) with lovely girls who always seemed to enjoy the work they were doing. They have wanked me, sucked me off, put their fingers up my arsehole, ****** me in positions I never thought were possible !! And many of them have told me I have a big ****, a number also said they thought I '****** like a much younger man', one 18 year old said as I was ******* her doggie style "Ooo ****, I can really feel that !!!' and another 22 year old who rode my cowgirl as I ****** her leaned forward to whisper in my face after I'd *** 'that was a ******* good shag!' Keep working honey, many of us really appreciate the work you do and I always say, so long as no-one is getting hurt or taken advantage of, whats the harm in it ??!!
BTW, please would you add me

No....never! Lol!


Amber xx

So have you ever fallen asleep during "work"?