I Slept With My Best Friends Boyfriend

       My best friend Rachel and i did everything together. She would stay over and we would hangout, go swimming, and not to mention we were tennis partners. She had met this guy at her church right before i was getting ready to move to Virginia. I thought it was great. he had a best friend who was really cool and all of us girls really liked the both of them, so we were happy for them. I had never met Daniel face to face before i moved to VA. We started talking. He and I. The girls who i was "friends" with would talk crap about me behind my back calling me two face and a ***** (that's cause they were jealous that i was prettier) around him and Daniel would call me. He would call me to tell me everything they would say about me, his girlfriend too. I would talk to him every night on the phone for hours. He use to work late shift at target and would call me when he got out. Daniel would always tell me how he wanted to come get me from VA to spend the summer, and that it would be a surprise for the girls to see me. And my friend at the time Niki was in on it too. i was going to stay with her. Granted he never came to get me, i went down to stay with Nikki anyways.
        All of us, the girls and Daniel and his two best friends, Kyle and rigo. hung out ALL the time. we would go to the beach, street race, Nikki and i once took our tops off in Daniels car and passed them off to kyle and rigo in their car, while racing. yes, Rachel was in the car too. this went on for about a month. then one night Nikki Daniel Rachel and i were hanging out and Daniel said he wanted to go home. He dropped off Rachel, his girlfriend first. She was pissed, she didnt show it, but we knew. i jumped in thhe front seat :]
we were drving back to Nikki and i's house and daniel turned before our street. he said to us, "do you guys really want to go home?" we both said Nooooo in that cute little girl voice :] (the one guys give in to) after 20min of driving we pulled up to his buddy, Kyles house. he tried calling him a few times but he never answered. then daniel moved the car forward, out if the streetlight. i turned to him bc i didnt know what he was doing and he grabbed the back of my head and started making out with me! i could see Nikkis face in the bck seat with her mouth open sliently laughing  sinking lower in to her seat! i didnt know what to think or what to do or say. In away i'm glad that he did it though.
That was the start of a very long 5 months. full of being sneeky, lies, hurt and distrust.
    My family had eventually moved back to MI where i was staying with my Friend Nikki. This was even better, instead of sneaking off and leaving nikki at her house i could sneak out of my own. Daniel came to get me everynight. i would slide out of my slider back door and run down the street to go meet him in his saturen with the lights out.
some night we would dirve to his house 20 mins away and sneek into his window. other nights we would stay in the car in abandon parking lots, go to school playgrounds, drive to some middle of nowhere place. i felt like i was on top of the world. 2months in to seeing eachother, daniel stared to miss rachel. i said **** it and went off and did my own thing with a few other guys. had a few other expierences. and got a boyfriend. to make this long story short:::
daniel and i started  talking on facebook again.  John (my boyfriend at the time) hacked into my facebook with a message between Daniel and i that talked about us sleeping together came to my house threw it in my face called me a **** a drove off. not to mention he knew rachel and was friends with the half friends. Daniel would hangout with rachel and she would ask him about the hickies on his neck and he would ignore her (idiot huh).
It was the night of the stanley cup, and rachels birthday. red wings vs. pengunies. We were all hanginout at brads house and daniel and rachel were going to show up in a bit. we watching the game outside like always, and i get this phone call from daniel saying you got two seconds. Nikki and our friends jessica and myself were confused as ever. Then three seconds later Rachel comes running down the driveway bawling her eyes out. she runs and sits in my lap saying tha tdamiel broke up with her.
         oh ****. oh **** oh **** oh ****!! i had no idea this was coming. i felt horrible!!!!!
a few weeks later john has told this girl sho told rachel. all of our mutual friends hated me. i was left with no one but Nikki and Daniel. literally no one. i had moms calling me leaving me nasty messages and left with this battle of being hated by almost everyone at Union Highschool. it sucked.

a year later daniel and i got engaged and had a beautiful baby girl. although Over half of those people still hate me for what i did, and i still feel horrible about it, i am very happy with my life right now. besides the fact that i lost ALL of my friends after i got pregnant bc i could no longer drink with the rest of them and i lost my current best firned nikki. But thts okay.

i guess everything happens for a reason.
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You sound like a real *****

wow what a story.

"Not all people are bad people" yet you slept with your friends boyfriend? And not just any friend, your best friend­čś▒! it's people like you I despise plus you had a lot of time to stop this. Kinda glad things turned out the way they did..two ****** people together..for now at least. I believe in karma so hey, what goes around comes around. Who knows he might be doing the same thing behind your back ;D

The law of attraction

You r a slutty ***** and dont value friend ship. Go jump in a ditch

I think, all in all, it turned out for the best. You never know what life has in store for you. Congrats!!!

What goes around, comes around and I'm living proof of that statement! My best friend was a **** like this girl and ended up married to my boyfriend...flashforward 25 years later and she's living in a broken down trailer park raising 4 of her grandchildren from two of the four daughters she had with my boyfriend! They always lived in low income and lived off government handouts! He beat her all through their marriage, none of her daughters graduated and after going through her divorce, she is with another alcoholic abuser! There have been more than a few times that her ex has tried to get back together with me but I thank God for saving me from that hot mess! To this day, she is always moaning on Facebook how she does everything for everybody but gets the short end of the stick. I say, yay, you got exactly what you deserved for treating me like dirt! Look at me now, and look at you now! I'm still waiting for an apology but I guess I will just have to settle for karma as I know an apology will never be forthcoming from someone as low class as you. I predict the same rosey future for a girl who has so little respect for the "friendships" she has formed!

Something funny: we are married been together 6 years straight. Married for one. Own are own house and are really happy. Sorry you got **** on, but not all people are bad people.


Well....hmph...not sure if "friends" is the best word to describe your group. There seemed to be no respect or loyalty between any of you.


Your not a very good person!

Everythings OK, if you say so

you got what you deservee *****.

Do you mean: she deserved the beautiful baby girl she got from Daniel and that she is so happy with her life now?

And then another girl comes along and steals your husband away from you.....yes I would laugh

Thank you?