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Slept With My Friends Wife And She Keeps Coming Back

It was a number of years ago now.  It all started at a friends party where a number of us had far too much to drink.  I had recently broke up with my long time girlfriend and was trying to get back into the dating scene with another girl that I fancied.  Id had a bit too much to drink and was obviously a bit obnoxious because she didn't want anything to do with me that night.  feeling a little rejected I went down the hallway of my friends house to be alone. 

A little while later my friend's wife came down the hall by herself and was waiting to go to the bathroom.  She was very drunk and could hardly stand up properly.  I needed o go to the bathroom also and waited there with her.  We talked for a bit and I was staring a her big breasts.  She always pushed them up like they were about to pop out of her top, she was attractive but I had never though of her that way.  After a bit more chatting and flirting we knocked on the door to hurry the person in the bathroom along.  Funnily there was nobody in there ad we both pushed into the bathroom.
From there it was a bit of a blur but we kissed and I felt her boobs which were great, that's all that happened that encounter.

She followed me around for the rest of the night and I tried not to give her too much attention as I knew what we had done was wrong.  It came time to leave and she didn't want to go.  She had a big argument with her husband and he practically dragged her from my friends house.

A few days later she called me and wanted to apologize for what happened and it was a mistake that we should forget about.  She did however want to talk about what had happened and to clear the air.  Looking back, it was very naive of me to think that all she wanted to do was talk.....
She came over a few nights later (by herself) and sat on the sofa with me.  We chatted for a few minutes before she leaned in and kissed me.  I enjoyed it, it had be a while since I had been with a girl and I was getting horny.  What happened next is still the most memorable part out of any of it.  Without warning she pulled off her top showing a beautiful black bra.  Her breasts were amazing and the bra was perfect, I can still remember exactly how she looked.  There was no stopping us now.  We moved to the bedroom and I pleasured her making sure she came before I did.  

This happened a few times, we would meet up in different locations and we would pleasure each other (she gives amazing ********)
She would send me photos of herself naked and playing with herself. ....It went on for a while.

We did stop for a few years, she had some kids (still with my friend to this day) and every now and then we would meet up and have a quick play (usually a BJ in the back of the car).  Its getting harder and harder to do it now with kids and schedules though.

We have been talking a bit lately and I expect we will met up again soon.  Its been off and on for about 8 years now.
Sambo99123 Sambo99123 31-35, M 11 Responses May 12, 2012

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Man u r lucky

What a friend!!

Eight years! Truly amazing; what a hottie !
Would love to see more!

This is exciting but then you think could your own wife be doing this and............

we all need friends ,,, shes a keeper

i wish i had a friend like that !

Gotta love a hot girl that wants to play! make the most of it and play with her as much as you can! Just don't let it affect anything you have with any other girl - though maybe she would like to do that as well!?! You have any pics of this vixen? That would be hot to see...

Gotta love a big titted babe who loves to suck **** ! cheers

Is any of her kids yours?

Sweet! I would be able to find time for that!

Nice, I have been ******* a guy's wife for over a year now! Nothing like getting another man's ***** for excitement!