A Pleasant Surprise

I was seeing a girl about 10 years ago. She had an apartment a block away from me and gave me a set of her keys so that I could come over whenever I wanted to. I worked late, so when I went over there, it would be well after midnight. I would usually climb into her bed and fall asleep next to her.

One night, my roommate was screwing his girlfriend at my place. To give them some privacy, I decided to go to my girlfriend's place nearby even though she was out of town on a consulting job.

When I arrived at her place, though the apartment was completely dark, I saw that she was in bed sleeping. I got undressed as I normally did and laid next to her. As I was feeling hornier than usual, I cuddled with her from behind, pressing my co-ck into the crack of her a-ss as I fondled her bre-ast and nip-ple. Though she'd been sleeping, she became aroused, opening her legs as I played with her pus-sy. Holding her leg open, I slid my co-ck into her and was surprised how wet she was, as it usually took a while for my girlfriend to get turned on. She was moaning and thrusting back as I fuc-ked her from behind. When I rolled her onto her back to fu-ck her missionary style, I was shocked to find that I was fuc-king my girlfriend's mother!

She had decided to visit her daughter, who had been unexpectedly called to do the job out of town, knowing that I was in the habit of sleeping over. She and I had met a few times in the past, and I suspected that she'd noticed me checking her out.

She told me not to stop fuc-king her and I didn't. I couldn't. She looked just like her daughter, but she was sexier in a lot of ways and much better in bed....
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