Sleeping Husband!

My husband had always been fascinated by the size of his best friend’s **** and fantasized about me sleeping with him. I later learned that they had played with each other before. One night over at our house after one too many drinks as his friend excused himself to use the restroom my drunk husband insisted he used the bathroom in the master room and after his friend walked upstairs suggested I followed him.

I caught up with him just outside the door and walked in with him. Told him I needed to get some towels not to worry or mind me and go about his business which he did. I could not resist the temptation and looked. Could barely see him but as he turned around, he saw me standing there looking at his penis. He didn’t try to put it away, instead held it proudly as it began to get hard. In one motion I found myself with his **** in my hands. I stroke it up and down and it got even harder. I sat on the toilet and gave him a ******* until he came in my mouth.

We came downstairs after to find my husband passed out on the sofa. I took his friend back to the room and ****** him before he went home. My husband came upstairs a few hours later and made love to me not knowing what I had done.

After that I let his best friend **** me several times before I told my husband. We now have my husband’s ok and since, he has joined us several times. I still meet him at times.

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3 Responses Apr 23, 2010

That's what friends are for

Wonderful. All great friendships between males should include wife sharing for sex.

Sweet. I bet if your husband knew that he was filling you where the other man had been, it would have turned him on even more!